Our most popular services are microcurrent based and utilizes our patent pending procedures. These services specifically addresses the significant causes of the physical symptoms that make us look older than we feel or cause our bodies to unshapely or unsightly.

The Premium Nonsurgical Face and Body Lift services are designed to address the causes of the problem in the area(s) that the client wishes to address. It is the premier service in quality and level of results. We offer surgical procedure results with none of the negative side effects and at a fraction of the cost.

*** We caution that you not be fooled. All microcurrent services are not the same. The skill and technique of the technician are significant factors in the range and details of results. We use frequency specific custom equipment, not generic machines that come with a few hours of training. ***

Customized Traditional Services

Premium Nonsurgical Services

Therapy Facials

 Therapy facials are the closest to a traditional facial that we offer. These service address chronic conditions of the skin such as dryness, oiliness, rosacea and acne. Also environmental conditions such as chapped skin and post acne scarring. 


Arm lift

 A Premium Non surgical arm lift is a nonsurgical procedure that reshapes the back of the shoulder, top of the shoulder, the  arm above the elbow, the décolletage and the underarm.

Make Up

 We offer on site, in office, wedding, special occasion, and personal make up training in group and private sessions.


Breast Lift

 A Premium Nonsurgical breast lift is a nonsurgical procedure that reshapes the front of the shoulder, top of the rib cage, the décolletage and the underarm.

Halloween 3D Make Up

This is a process that takes time and a great attention to detail. We generally book for these sessions months in advance due to prep time for prosthetics and the like. We can only accommodate a certain number of clients depending on the level of complications of the images that we create for the season.


Corset Lift

 A Premium Nonsurgical corset lift is a nonsurgical procedure that reshapes the back, under bra, abs and obliques. Nonsurgical corset lift addresses the balance needed for the body to have an engaged core. The result is a recontoured waist line, reengaged core muscles and reduced girth around the mid section of the body.


We offer full body waxing services. We specialize in sensitive skin waxing techniques. We focus on sanitation and the safety of the client. Our post procedure practices are top notch and are designed to reduce irritation and longevity between visits.


Face Lift

A Premium Non surgical face lift, is a   nonsurgical procedure that reshapes the neck, lower face, mid face and forehead. 


We offer an array of classes that touch on topics that can enrich our lives in beauty, fashion, finance and love!


Hand Lift

 A Premium Non surgical hand lift, is a nonsurgical procedure that addresses the hands and forearm.


Specialty Treatments

Our specialty treatments are designed to address specific and issues that tend to be a challenge for many people. Cellulite Treatments and stretch mark treatments can be added to a package or done as standalone services in a series of 4 treatments for $450. From the first treatment there is a tactile and visible improvement!


Hipster Lift

 A Premium Non surgical hipster lift is a nonsurgical procedure that reshapes: the lower back, buttocks, lower abs and full thigh.


Sun Damage Recovery

Fun at the beach or just a miscalculation of time can leave you blistered and burned from the sun. Our Sun Damage Recovery services alleviate the discomfort and help the skin to heal. This soothing nontoxic approach reduces and eliminates redness, flaking and long term damage that may occur from over exposure. 3 treatments for $600. Feel better faster and enjoy the tan.

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